Easy Relay - 2CO (DPDT) 8 Amp Switching Relays
Ideal for mounting inside control equipment simple, reliable and safe mounting (12/24/230VAC coil voltages and 2 pole 8A Switching).


Easy Relay 12 - (12VDC Coil)

Click here for PDF Data Sheet

500-010 (8.75 + VAT plus p&p)


Easy Relay 24 (24VDC Coil)

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500-020 (9.38 + VAT plus p&p)


Easy Relay 240 (230VAC 50/60Hz Coil)

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500-050 (12.85 + VAT plus p&p)


Easy Relay

Single gang form factor

Fits any standard single gang box

or our own range of exactly matched back boxes.

Supplied with M3.5 Machine screws

500-011 (12V) PDF Data Sheet

500-021 (24V) PDF Data Sheet

500-051 (240VAC) PDF Data Sheet

12V (White)
500-011 (9.95 + VAT plus p&p)
24V (Red)
500-021 (10.63 + VAT plus p&p)
240VAC (White)
500-051 (13.13 + VAT plus p&p)
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